Ukrainian Music Festivals You Must Visit This Summer Or You’ll Be Sorry

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There are many ideas you might have for a summer holiday this year. Music festivals are a way to spend interesting time in a new place, enjoying the music you like, having fun and meeting new people. The best thing about music festivals is that they are cheap in comparison to the concerts of each singer individually, they normally have a camp space where you can put you tent and sleep paying literally peanuts, you can stay in natural surroundings and at the same time you can listen to good live music all day long.

If you are into music you probably know about the main European festivals like Glastonbury in England or Lowlands in the Netherlands. But it is quite difficult to get these tickets and when it comes to the food, drinks and accommodation it is not necessarily that cheap there.

There are smaller festivals that everybody can use as an alternative and Ukraine also hosts some of them. It is a great opportunity to see not only Ukrainian bands but also international ones. It’s a great idea for a weekend trip so in this article you will read about the main festivals in Ukraine this year.

dates: 28 June – 2 July
tickets: €26 – €205

Atlas Weekend is the biggest festival of Ukraine that celebrates its third anniversary this year. Within the 5 festival days you will be able to listen to the performances of over 200 artists who will perform on 8 different stages.
The price for a one day ticket is €26 while for the entire five days it is €59. You can also buy a VIP pass for all five days for €205. You will get your own seats at the restaurant in front of the main stage and have access to the swimming pool for that money. There is a camping site near the festival and the pass for 5 nights will cost you 11€.

The festival is held on the territory of the big Exhibition center which is reachable by metro from Kiev’s city center. The total area covered by the festival is 80 hectares.

The headliners for the festival this year are Kasabian, who will perform their new album called “For crying out loud” and the legendary Prodigy. Some very famous Ukrainian bands will also perform at the festival. Among them are the two who performed at this years Eurovision song contest held in Kiev, Onuka and Monatik. You will also be able to listen to Verka Serduchka who took 3rd place at Eurovision 2007.

More information about the festival and how to buy tickets as well as see the whole list of the performers can be found here on the official website of the festival.

dates: June 23 – June 28
tickets: €0 – €170

The cultural capital of Ukraine, a beautiful city at the western border of Ukraine called Lviv will host the festival called Alfa Jazz Fest this year for the seventh time. The festival takes place right in the city center where three stages will become the center of everybody’s attention. It is very difficult to buy the tickets on the official website, only several dozens of tickets are released every day and they are sold out within seconds. But there is good news too! You can come and listen to the music for free. One disadvantage of this idea is that you will have to stand. On the other hand you will be able to move from stage to stage without a problem.

Фестивали в Украине | Скучаешь? Не знаешь как развлечься? Найди здесь!

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Over the history of this festival over 100 world-class jazz musicians have performed in Lviv and this year’s headliners are Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band who were awarded with a Grammy twice, Gregory Porter, whose last two albums “Liquid Spirit и Take Me To The Alley” became platinum in 2014 and in 2016, China Moses and many others.

To read the whole program and to buy tickets visit the official Alfa Jazz website here.

dates : August 21 – 27
tickets: 33€

Путівник по Україні від IGotoWorld. Туристичний портал про все: Пам’ятки, тури, події

Кожне місто зі своєю історією, унікальними місцями, можливостями та пропозиціями, запрошуючи до себе гостей та інвесторів, має правильно подати власну унікальність та підкреслити свою впізнаваність. Українські міста тільки роблять перші кроки у брендингу. Здебільшого це обласні центри, хоча є … Весна – це не тільки час пробудження природи, а й чи не найактивніша пора року серед мандрівників.

Z-Games is not just a music festival, it’s an event that includes music, dancing and sports competitions at the same time. It takes place on the coast of the Black Sea near Odessa. The camping site is also available.

For this year the headliners have still not been announced therefore the daily tickets are not on sale, nor are the camping places. But you must be quick if you decide that you want to attend this event as the tickets will be sold out quickly. Besides that, the price announced at the moment is the promotional price which will definitely increase soon.

To read more about the festival and keep an eye on this years headliners visit the official Z-games festival webpage.

dates: August 18 – 20
tickets: €8 – €138

Situated within the beautiful nature inside the forest and next to several lakes this festival is the main rock event of the year. Several stages are situated on the field between the lakes where you can swim if you don’t fancy spending time with the crowd. The camping site is well equipped and everybody can put a tent right in the forest near the entrance. You will be given water and wood to make a campfire. If you stay in the camping area you will enjoy not just the festival but the nature fully.

On the 9th anniversary of the festival this year more than 50 bands will perform at 4 stages. This year headliners are The Editors, Breaking Benjamin, Dark Tranquility Chelsea Grin along with the famous Ukrainian bands such as Pianoboy or Tartak.

To get more information as well as to buy the tickets before they are sold out visit their official website here.

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