Unknown And Interesting Facts About Ukraine You Should Know

After all it is a big country with many things to learn about

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How well do you know your country? If somebody asked you to tell them some interesting facts about your country which ones would you mention? Sometimes it’s hard to gather your thoughts and tell people something really interesting. But every country has some unique points and facts that not many people know about. The same goes for Ukraine. You will not find this information if you read about Ukraine on Wikipedia. Nor will you read about them in the article about the main tourist attractions.

The purpose of this article is to remind Ukrainians about some of the reasons why they can be proud of their country and encourage foreigners to think about the unknown facts about their own countries. Here are several facts about Ukraine that you may have never heard of:

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe

Even though Ukraine is not in the European Union yet, geographically it is considered to be the country with the biggest territory in Europe. With the total area of more then 603 km. sq. Ukraine takes the first place followed by France and then Spain.

More than that the geographical centre of Europe is also situated in Ukraine. near the small village called Dilove you can find a pillar that symbolises the European centre. Although Ukraine is not the only one country that claims to have the centre of Europe, depending on which countries are considered to be European and how the bounders of Europe are defined some experts say that the European geographical centre is in Germany, Lithuania, Poland or Slovakia, Ukrainians like to claim that the centre is theirs and the pillar is one of the attractions tourists can see while visiting the country.

The deepest metro station in the world

The metro station in Kiev called “Arsenalna” is officially the deepest metro station in the world. It was built during the Soviet Union in the 1960s and it was one of the first underground stations which were built in Kiev. The depth of the station reaches 105m and according to the rumours there are hidden tunnels for the governmental representatives that will be used in case of a catastrophe or a natural disaster.

The longest and heaviest aircraft ever built

The plane An – 225 ‘Mriya’ which is the heaviest and the longest plane in the world was constructed by the Ukrainian construction beauro named after Antonov. It was made for the transportation of the space ships but for now it is being used for non-commersial cargo transportation.

The first framed bee hive in the world

The first ever framed bee hive was invented by a Ukrainian in 1814. Until now Ukraine is taking one of the leading positions of honey producers in the world and it takes the first place in the world for the honey production per capita (which is 1.5 kilos of honey per person).

The first constitution in the world

Nowadays every country has it’s own constitution which creates the whole law system. It’s difficult to imagine the world without constitution but the first ever constitution was actually created in Ukraine by the political and social activist called Pylyp Orlyk.
In 1720 on the day when he was proclaimed to be the hetman of the Zamorizzhian army he announced the creation of the constitution of rights and freedom of Zaporizhian cossaks. That was the day which nowadays is considered to be the date of the birth of the first constitution in the world. For comparison, the United States of America started to use the constitution in 1787, France and Poland followed with this desicion in 1791.

The first oil lamp in the world

The first oil lamp in the world was invented by the two citizens of Lviv, the city in the West of Ukraine. Two pharmacists Ignat Lukasevich and Yan Zech invented the lamp in 1853. They later presented it at the exhibition in Munich where they got a special diploma for their invention.

The same year in one of the Lviv’s hospitals the first surgery lighted by the oil lamp was committed.

These are not all of the unknown but interesting facts about Ukraine but if you look deeper into the history of each country you realise that it is impossible to tell about everything in just one article. I hope the article will make you think about some interesting facts about your own country and you will share them in the comments.

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