7 Polish Writers And Their Books You Should Absolutely Read This Year

Books that will thrill you and cause you insomnia

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Apart from the world famous Adam Mickiewicz, and the Noble Prize Laureates Henryk Sienkiewicz, Władysław Reymont, Wisława Szymborska, Czesław Miłosz, Poland offers many incredibly talented writers. Usually, the articles related to the Polish literature suggest the classical authors, the ones who wrote books that every child needs to read at school.

However, let’s be honest – most of these books are not the most exciting titles you may imagine. In this article, you will find seven remarkable writers, whose books will thrill you and cause you insomnia.

1. Joanna Chmielewska

If you like the crime stories written in a funny way, this is a perfect writer for you. Chmielewska wrote dozens of books creating the plots that makes you sleepless and breathless of laughter. It is hard to pick one title and describe it, but in her books, you will find the characters that were inspired by the real people. Most of her writers love ”Dead Man’s Tale”, one of the craziest crime stories you may imagine. Chmielewska’s personality inspired the main character. It is appreciated not only in Poland but also in Russia, where was created a TV series based on this story.

2. Gustaw Herling-Grudziński

The writer, whose texts are artistic, touching but often full of cruelty related mostly to the World War II. Herling-Grudziński shared in his writings everything he had in his heart. His most famous book ”A World Apart” is based on is the memoir from the Soviet Gulag. It was published first in London in 1953, later by the underground press in Poland in 1980. Eight years later it appeared in the bookstores. The book is related to the ”Notes from the House of the Dead” by Dostoyevsky, whom Herling-Grudziński valued very high.

3. Olga Tokarczuk

When you read her books for the first time, you may consider her as weird. Complicated, but also sophisticated writings by Tokarczuk became one of the most critically acclaimed in Poland and abroad. As a psychologist, she creates the books that become commercially successful and magnetic to the readers. Her book ”Bieguni” (”Runners”) became one of the best-sold books in the modern history of Poland. If you want to make literacy adventure into the weird, unknown and charming place, you should read one of the books by Tokarczuk.

4. Andrzej Sapkowski

Have you heard of world famous game The Witcher (Wiedźmin)? The most appreciated Polish writer of fantasy books, Andrzej Sapkowski, created the character of the witcher Geralt of Rivia in his a short story, but with time he became a hero of the series that consists five volumes. Moreover, the imagination of Sapkowski inspired the directors of film and TV series. The most recent result of fascination by The Witcher is a computer game that became a success around the world.

5. Karol Bunsch

He is responsible for giving the new faces to the historical characters, especially from the period of Piast Dynasty. He was born in 1898, and all of his long life was connected with Kraków. He wrote nearly 20 novels describing the reality of medieval Poland. Moreover, he is an author of an impressive and fascinating trilogy about Alexander the Great. The volume titled ”Olympias” shows the mother of Alexander in such a way, that even the most famous ancient writer would be the envy of Bunsch’s talent. He died in 1987 after long and productive life. Bunsch stays a pearl of history novel in Poland. Next, to Henryk Sienkiewicz, he is the most appreciated author whose inspiration was related to history.

6. Jacek Dehnel

A writer of the younger generation, whose heart is full of poetry. His novels are artistic and esthetic. Moreover, he is also a poet, translator, and painter. Polish Nobel Prize Laureate, Czesław Miłosz, recommended his first book as an exceptionally high-quality poetry. If you want to read a book that will treat you with its incredibly beautiful language, you should read one of Dehnel’s.

7. Ryszard Kapuściński

He was a journalist who passed through the most exotic parts of the world, writing his stories and meeting fascinating people. He started his journey during the times when socialism didn’t allow to most of the Polish travel. However, his curiosity was stronger than anything else. His world famous book ”The Emperor” consists many aspects of Polish socialistic region. He is often cited as authority in topics related to the countries he visited. If you want to experience the unique style of Kapuściński, you should read ”Travels with Herodotus”.

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