What To See And Do In Sochi, Russia

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Sochi has become a popular resort for winter and summer sports, especially because it’s known for hosting worldwide acclaimed events such as the 2014 Winter Olympics, the 2018 FIFA and the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix. But there’s so much more to Sochi than sports. Take these awesome activities for example:

Visit the AJ Hackett Skypark

A 15 meter tall climbing wall, two bungee jumping platforms from 69 and 207 meters, rope courses, a 120 km/h Megatroll ride, zip lines, a sky swing, the longest suspension bridge on the globe… the list goes on and on! With a plethora of attractions for all ages on different thrill factor levels, the skypark is irrefutably one of the best places to visit in Sochi.

Bask in the Arboretum’s glory

The beautiful Sochi is famous for having a rather unique subtropical nature in comparison to other cities on the territory of Russia. Also known as Dendrarium, the palm-filled Arboretum is the perfect place to relax while breaking away from your everyday routine.

Witness the magnificent penguin and dolphin shows at the Dolphinarium

The Riviera Dolphinarium is open all week long and serves as home to a number of adorable dolphins, penguins and other marine creatures. The animals and their trainers throw stunning water shows on regular occasions. One of the lesser known services the facility offers is the dolphin therapy program, which focuses on the healing, learning and health-promoting relationship between dolphins and troubled or disabled children and adults.

Learn all about aristocratic Russian tea parties and tea production in the world’s most northern tea plantation

The Dagomys tea plantation is the most northern one on our planet and it’s also one of the few areas in Russia, which has a suitable climate for tea cultivation and production. Of course, you wouldn’t be allowed to visit the actual fields or the interior of the factories, but the specialized tea house is always open to tourists wishing to learn about the history of Russian tea or the ones who simply want to sample the various selections of the local produce.

Go for a swim on the 100+ kilometer long coastline

Although most people would think a resort like Sochi would be overcrowded during the summer, its coastline on the Black Sea spans for over 100 kilometers in length, which means that there’s plenty of room for everyone. And if you happen to visit a more secluded spot, you might even try kite-surfing or swimming along with the local short-beaked common dolphins.

Explore the history in the Old Town or the wondrous museums

Between the Archaeology Museum, the Historical Museum, the Literary Memorial Museum and even the one dedicated to sport cars, there’s plenty to see. If you’re not a big fan of the indoors opt a simple stroll through the tiny streets in the Old Town, which are filled with magnificent architecture dating back to the 1800s, or check out the romantic promenades near the coastline.

Try the Caucasian street food and the lavash bread

Russian food is varied, hearty and extremely delicious, but one particular food item popular all over the place is the lavash bread. It’s a type of flatbread that is native to Eurasia and especially to the South Caucasus. You don’t need to splatter a fortune in a fancy starstudded restaurant because almost every street food stand in Sochi has lavash on the menu.

Ride the cable car to the summit of the mountain

Lastly, if you get the chance, don’t leave Sochi without truly taking in all of its grandeur – from the maritime areas on the Riviera to the majestic Caucasus mountaintops. The most satisfactory way to enjoy the best views in the city is to book a ride on the cable car line, which takes just under half an hour – more than enough time to get your breath taken away by the beauty of Sochi’s nature.

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