10 Locations in Bulgaria That Will Make You Go Crazy About It

ignatov (CC0), Pixabay

Bulgaria, largest South Slavic land in Balkans has a great history where it changed it’s shape from kingdoms to empire. This large land of South Slavs has more then one can imagine and we really mean it. Nature, architecture, history, food, culture and everything else in Bulgaria is uniqe so thanks to all this we made you a top 10 list. The more you research about Bulgaria the more amazing places you will find in it and due to that this list will save you some time!

So let us see what this country has to offer, here we go, 10 Locations in Bulgaria That Will Make You Go Crazy About It:

1. Rila Monastery

2. Sozopol

3. Plovdiv Old Town

4. Belogradchik

5. Koprivshtitsa

6. Nessebar

7. Veliko Tarnovo

8. Melnik

9. Seven Lakes

10. The Black Sea beaches

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