Cigarette Consumption By Slavic Country On Map Of Europe (2018.)

Slavs, the world champions in smoking habits!

klimkin (CC0), Pixabay

Slavs have a saying for a person who smokes a lot, it goes “He smokes as a Turk”. This saying came in existence during the Ottoman siege of Europe and the habits of Turks that used to consume tobacco, no need to express that the saying rooted well in the communities. However in 2018. we might change it to “He smokes as a Slav”. The Tobacco Atlas estimated the number of cigarettes an average person aged 15+ consumed in the year 2016, which is what the following map shows (based on sales data, so the figures may be somewhat skewed in countries where cross-border shopping is common).

Jakub Marian used the data above and combined them with the prevalence of tobacco smoking by WHO (2015, males and females separately), the sex ratio (The World Factbook, 2016) and the data on male and female population in the 0–14 age group (by the World Bank, 2016) to arrive at an estimate of the average number of cigarettes smoked by a smoker (defined as a person who smokes at least one cigarette a month) per day (the annual consumption divided by 365):


Who smokes the most among Slavs in 2018:

  • Belarus – 2911 cigarettes per person
  • Macedonia – 2785 cigarettes per person
  • Czech Republic – 2428 cigarettes per person
  • Russia – 2295 cigarettes per person
  • Slovenia – 2236 cigarettes per person
  • Serbia – 1899 cigarettes per person
  • Ukraine – 1849 cigarettes per person
  • B&H – 1767 cigarettes per person
  • Bulgaria – 1757 cigarettes per person
  • Croatia – 1579 cigarettes per person
  • Slovakia – 1501 cigarettes per person
  • Poland –  1363 cigarettes per person
  • Montenegro – 1101 cigarettes per person

How much cigarettes do you burn during a year? Seems Belarus is a total champion this year! 😀

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