Drunk Polish Man Invades A Small Polish Town With A Soviet tank

Photo: twojepajeczno

A nationwide sensation ended with the overnight adventure of the T-55 tank through Pajęczno. The intoxicated “tanker” was stopped and the machine was towed to a guarded parking lot. On Thursday, the duty officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Pajęczno received a very unusual report from which it appeared that on one of the main streets of the city was a rampaging Soviet tank. Immediately a patrol was sent directed to the area of Mickiewicza Street. The officers found a T-55 tank parked on the roadway and a man standing next to him. Soon the police officers also located near the vehicle of the 49-year-old tank owner. The man was drunk. The study showed in his body close to alcohol reports twojepajeczno.

As it turns out, he had been authorized to drive the vehicle – although his superiors presumably only wanted him to move it off and on the damaged trailer on which it was being transported, rather than driving it through the city center. They also likely expected him to remain sober while operating the 36-ton armored combat vehicle. To make matters worse, local media report that there was no insurance policy on the tank reports RT.

Police were unable to get the tank off the street and onto a trailer until 5am.

The bulletproof joyride could cost the driver two years behind bars for driving under the influence, and up to eight years for creating a dangerous situation, although there are no reports of anything being destroyed or run over during the escapade.

On Twitter, quite a number of people commented that the incident had a striking similarity to the newer installments of the popular game ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ only with a distinctively Polish twist.

While the idea of an actual Russian tank attack in our day and age would seem laughable to most, that certainly isn’t the point of view of the current government in Warsaw. On Thursday, Polish President Andrzej Duda cited a litany of historical grievances against Russia while signing a massive new defense deal with the US.

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