Katarzyna Kobylarz – fabulous polish painter of the young generation who uses an innovative technique based on 3D

Katarzyna Kobylarz belongs to the young generation of artists. As a painter, she is fearless, free and wild. Her innovative ideas in art are truly appreciated by the art critics and the clients who order her works. She offers works made using an innovative technique called 3D Chromadepth. Her fame in Poland and entire Europe grows, and step by step she becomes one of the most significant Slavic artists.

Her specialty seems to be unusual. Although you might know some other artists who use the 3D Chromadepth method, Kobylarz is a pioneer in Poland. She belongs to the tiny group of artists in the world who mastered this technique. In 2011 she created fabulous decoration of the cinema 5D extreme in the city of Płock in Poland. It became such a success that 3D Chromadepth became one of the main elements of her artistic activity. However, she believes that the world of art is so rich that it cannot be closed in one technique only. Therefore it is really hard to follow up her growth, new paths she passes through.

The new generation of art

Katarzyna Kobylarz is an author of paintings made in different style. From the classical paintings, highly appreciated by every connoisseur of classical art, to the surprising and sophisticated mixed styles. Her vision of art is wider than any existing style. Therefore Kobylarz had to use the available tools to create unique methods characteristic to her workshop only. She worked on her ideas in the forest, on the deserts of Africa, in the countryside in Poland. Kobylarz finds the space to work everywhere.

She creates the labyrinths in 3D. The technique Chromadepth is similar to the one we know from the 3D cinema theaters. To enjoy the paintings fully you have to use special eyeglasses. Technology Chromadepth was created to make the effect of the depth in the painting even deeper. When you take a look at it without eyeglasses it looks like a normal painting, classical 2D. The palette of colors is used precisely to create the effect 3D, visible only in the UV rays. It sounds quite complicated, but the result is gorgeous.

Currently, she works on a new labyrinth. This one will remind the mysterious wonderland, the paradise of art, the unexplored island of beauty. Using this technique Katarzyna Kobylarz invites the visitors of her exhibitions to the world that exists in her imagination only. She finds inspiration in the pop-culture, movies, nature, etc.

The madness of the artist

Katarzyna Kobylarz was born in 1982 in Nisko, Poland. She is not only very well educated (Master of Art, Polish Academy of Art in Kraków), but also fabulously experienced having exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her works belong to the collections placed in Poland, Germany, England, Switzerland, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Italy.

Since she became active in the world of art, she created hundreds of paintings and dozens of sculptures. Moreover, she is a talented theater scenographer. She is also an appreciated designer for marketing purposes. Her works, also in 3D, were used in numerous commercial campaigns. Katarzyna Kobylarz took a part in various projects.  She receives dozens of proposals every month, but she dedicated her career to the projects that she sees as something that serves people. For example, she answered to the invitation by PAP (Polish Press Agency) to appear on a special exhibition of 3D art during the Night at the Museum in 2015 and 2016 in Warsaw.

Finally, Katarzyna Kobylarz dedicated a big part of her career to save the artifacts. She restores old paintings, sometimes as a volunteer. Her imagination breaks the rules in art. Having a strong background in her education, she perfectly knows how to create the visual expression of images created in her mind. Perhaps in the future, she might create something new, even more, innovative and surprising. According to her declarations, she wants to spread the world with her message of art.

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