Meet Tatyana Subbotina – Russian Babushka Who Became A YouTube Celebrity With Her Videos

Who said seniors can’t be successful in a millennial bussiness

Photo: Tatyana Subbotina / youtube screenshot

Most of you probably have a grandma who isn’t that interested in modern technology, their maximum is learning how to operate the TV remote. This is why Tatyana Subbotina is a really special babushka from Russia, her creativity and knowledge in modern technologies is far above even younger generations. She is a senior resident from Khakassia, and she was discovered by a Adobe After Effects community on Russian social network “Vkontakte”.

They noticed her because she uses home-made green screen to shoot her videos, then later she edits them in Adobe After Effect and creates pretty interesting and tripping videos. You can see her on bottom of oceans, or riding a elite sports cars. She learned that with modern technology and internet only her imagination is the limit, check it out!

Here Tatyana talks about life while driving a cabrio:

Here she is exploring the bottom of the oceans:

Here you can see how she does her magic:

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