Mesmerizing Paintings Of Alternative History With Mecha Robots in 20th Century East Europe

Star Wars world just became boring after looking at this


The Polish artist Jakub Rozalski has produced an mesmerizing series of mecha and werewolf infested scenes of WW1 in Eastern Europe. Most of the scenes show idyllic rustic landscape of Eastern Europe, so you would see Polish Gorales enjoying the view on the valley with gigantic Mecha Robots paroling the area. It’s a wonderful eye candy that jammed together the folk culture of 20th century and futuristic Mecha war machinery. More info: Artstation, Facebook, Tumblr

It will surely remind you of famous Star Wars series, but no it isn’t and we would dare to say it looks so much better too, as his art ideas could fuel one whole interesting movie with a story of it’s own.

“to commemorate this sad and tragic period in history, in my own way, to light on this parts of history that usually remain in the shadows of other events… remember and honor the history, but live in the present.”

“I like to mix historical facts and situations with my own motives, ideas and visions. … I attach great importance to the details, the equipment, the costumes, because it allows you to embed painting within a specified period of time.”

If you are interested in his work check out the “The World of Scythe” which is an art-book that will immerse you into his Mecha alternate history world and his board game Scythe, which was born as a Kickstarter campaign.

Pz. Kpfm. IV Vielfraß

so yeah, many may be disappointed, this is not a new Battlefield 🙂 but I promise, it will also be awesome, stay tuned! another mech (automachine) concept art, this time Saxony Empire, from a new game set in my 1920+ universe, cheers!

1920 – long time no see

new painting from my 1920+ universe, this time in a more positive and spring atmosphere 🙂 have a nice day everyone!

The Ancients

“we gonna need a bigger boat” 🙂 new painting/concept art from the upcoming video game, inspired by my illustrations, it will be something really special, more info coming soon, cheers!

1920 – Iron Harvest

new painting from upcoming video game set in my 1920+ world – ‘Iron Harvest’, remember this name! 🙂 in the foreground Anna, one of the main character of this world (and the game campaign ) cheers!

1920 – invaders from afar

cover illustration for upcoming ‘Scythe – Invaders from afar’ expansion, introducing two new factions and a few new rules, hope you like it, cheers!

at the edge of the world

new painting from the upcoming video game, inspired by my illustrations, I’m very excited about this project, more info coming soon, stay tuned, cheers!

1920 – thaw

another painting from my 1920+ world with a brave and fearless cow 🙂 I think that soon I will be able to announce another big news regarding this world, cheers!

1920 – dark infantry

concept art of some tesla experimental unit from my 1920+ series and ‘Scythe’ game, , cheers!

1920 – stranger in the wood

new concept art/illustration from my 1920+ world, hope you like it, cheers!

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