One Polish Artist is Repainting Whole Poland Into Colorful Murals

She is changing the looks of her country by street art

Photo: Natalia Rak / Instagram

Poland – Polish street artist Natalie Rak, also known just as Rak, was born in 1986. She got famous for her colorful paint murals on the sides of Polish buildings. She started her career with canvas painting but later she switched to street art and never looked back. She single handedly started to change how Poland looks and she is making her country a prettier place to live each day. Her works have spread across the world so she participated in “Art Battles” in New York City and turned unused space into an exhibition of street art.

Most of her works are breath-taking and if you are interested in more you can follow her over her blog or social media: Natalia Rak (Facebook, Instagram)

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