Polish Woman Found Hiking Naked In Medjugorje Region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saved In Dramatic Action

Photo: GSS

Few days ago in the Medjugorje region of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday in the afternoon, a dramatic action was taken to rescue the Polish woman who arrived in BiH two days earlier.

In unclear circumstances, the Polish woman drove into the wild area, where she was completely accidentally discovered by hunters. As Dnevni Avaz writes, the scene they found upset them quite a bit, because the woman found was bare naked and scratched all over the body.

They immediately called the police in Citluk, which alarmed GSS members in BiH, whose rescuers quickly organized and started the action.

Seven rescuers with two vehicles headed for Vionice, where the woman was located. She resisted them and the rescuers said she was only mentioning God.

The woman was transferred to the hospital.

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