Seven Amazing Wonders Of Slovakia

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Slovakia, a small Slavic land, hidden in mountains of central Europe hides it’s jewels jealously from you. So we decided to show you what this little Slavic and European pearl has inside. This is a list of Seven wonders of Slovakia, the things you will probably want to visit there. It’s one of those countries that have that charm of serenity and nature, and actually no matter are you in a town or rural nature, you will enjoy your time there. Each country has it’s seven wonders, so naturally Slovakia has them too and this is just the first country in line that we will show to you in order so you could learn about Slovaks and Slovakia.

If by accident you were at any of the places make sure to leave us a comment and say which of the Slovak wonders did you see because we need to promote this beautiful Slavic country. So let’s see what these Slovaks have been hiding from us all time long:

Spis Castle

Spiš castle is located in eastern Slovakia, and it’s probably one of the largest castles in Central Europe, the ruins of it that is. Above the town Spišské Podhradie this scary castle is situated and on the other side village Žegra, also known as Spiš. You actually did see this castle already you just don’t know it yet. It was used in many movies, like Dragonhearth, The Last Legion, Phoenix, Kull the Conqueror and The lion in Winter. There, now you know!

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

This cool little cave is actually a interestin phenomenon, even among other caves, and that is why it attracts really a lot of people. It’s filled and decorated with a lot of aragonite and it’s also located in none the less but in beautiful norther slope of Hrádok Hill in the Slovak Ore Mountains betwen Jelšava and Štítnik. So let me cut to the point and tell you why it’s special, it is because it’s the only one of it’s kind in Europe due to it’s aragonite fills.

St. Elisabeth Cathedral

Cathedrals are always amazing, and this one is more than amazing because out of 7 Slovak wonders St. Elizabeth Cathedral is a first to be recognized as such. This is the largest church in Slovakia with a special Gothic architectural and can store over 5,000 religious people inside to have fun. This Cathedral is in the heart and center of Kosice. That’s why it was built for more than a century, yeah people had to build it over 100 years imagine if you work was that hard. Its history is fascinating in from spiritual, civil and artistic perspective and also from the perspective of legends.

Morské oko

If you were to go by a plane above Morské oko you would feel as if something was watching you. Morské oko translated from Slavic into English would mean “Eye of the Sea” and this is the largest and deepest lake in the Vihorlat Mountains of Eastern Slovakia, whoa right! It dwells deep inside the mountains and it has been numerous times recognized by various media outlets as one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole wide world. Fun fact, there are two lakes with same name, one is on Polish side and other is on Slovak side.

Orava Castle

Largest and probably one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, is located in the northern Orava region where Orava Castle is situated on a high rock above the river. In these dark, forgotten and very medieval lands of Orava you will find a still rocky formation, it is the mighty Orava castle!

Altar of Master Paul

Altar, a true master piece located in the Roman-Catholic Church of St. Jacob is a witness of the exceptional position and cultural level of Levoca, formerly called “the Queen of Spiš”. Church is one of the largest Gothic churches in Slovakia and it has an amazing cultural and artistic interior that makes it one of the most precious buildings in Europe. Construction of it started in the beginning of the 14th century and they ended it up in 1380. It’s altar is the actual reason why it because famous world wide.

Bojnice Castle

Oh the beauty and romanticism of Bojnice Castle will leave no couple indifferent. You want a romantic journey? Why not visit Bojnice Castle then, because it’s fairy-tale looks combined with location close to the Strážovské vrchy mountains will leave you breathless. The chateau also houses a museum of art and history where you can enjoy the exhibition that contains the original furniture, various cool little medieval things and artifacts, paintings. The tour you can take also includes a interesting visit to a stalactite cave under the castle.

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