Top 10 Balkan Delights That Will Make You Hungry

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If you ever have a chance to pay a visit or take a road trip to the Balkan region, one of the things that is going to fascinate you for sure is the marvelous Balkan cuisine. Also, if you are passionate about food, the following Balkan delights are going to leave you speechless. You are not going to get familiar with the culture and everyday life if you avoid tasting their cuisine. The Balkan region will offer you a huge and unique variety of choices.

Stuffed Peppers

This dish is usually prepared during the cold period of the year, which is autumn and winter. This dish consists of bell peppers, the small yellow or white peppers. Previously they are emptied and then stuffed with potatoes, rice and ground beef. The stuffing is previously cooked in a tomato broth by adding spices, and it is served with a sour cream on top of it.

Raznjici / Kepabs

You may also say that this is the American equivalent in a way, but the kebaps are one of the most common Balkan delights. These small meat sausages are usually served with bread, onions and local spices. You will pay a visit to heaven by tasting these grilled sausages.


Maybe it sounds a bit Asian, but it definitely is from the Balkans. This meal is a typical baked casserole, with couple of layers of cheese, eggplant and meat in between. There are also variations of this dish, which consists of potatoes and different kinds of vegetables.


The most famous bread spread that makes you lick your fingers and eager to try some more. It is made of grinded and baked bell peppers, which are afterwards cooked in a low heated huge pot, by adding salt and oil. The ajvar is then served on a piece of bread with a typical cheese from this region.


This dish derives from the period when the Balkan region was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. This dish is from the family of pastries and it looks like a pie. Presenting a flaky dough which is very thin and can be filled with ground meat, cheese and nowadays some modern variations like spinach and cheese, or pizza filling, also served with yoghurt for this region.

Tavche gravche

Or so called “the baked beans” is prepared with fresh beans, dry red pepper, spices, onions and parsley. Traditionally, it is served in earthenware or clay pot which is supposed to keep the food hot.


This is a traditional bread pie, made from an oval shaped dough, and on the surface covered with salted or dried meat, pork or chicken. Spices can also be added as well as eggs or season vegetables.


This dish can be found in the south. Grilled meat dish prepared on a barbecue, this is the Balkan burger served with season vegetables, bread, kajmak and chips or potatoes.


The most liquid salad you will ever have, made of yogurt, walnut, cucumber, garlic, salt and oil. You will never regret trying this Balkan delight.


Dish of ground meat fried with onions and spices, then wrapped around with chard leaves or sour cabbage. This is a tradition winter dish and it is eaten before it gets cold.

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