Ukrainian Salem: The Biggest Slavic Coven

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Ukrainians is one of the most mystical nations in the world, on a par with the Irish and Scandinavians. The mystical history goes far back in time when the inhabitants of the present Ukrainian territories worshiped pagan gods. From them they took power and knowledge. But back in that day witches were more like local doctors and healers, like shamans among the Indians. They used the gifts of nature and the presence of deities on earth to cure diseases, both mental and physical. So why are witches in Ukrainian folklore a real evil? This is because it is better not to anger people who own otherworldly powers. But this is exactly what the governors of that time did.


When in 988, Knyaz Vladimir the Great christened Rus and threw off the pagan gods and their idols in favor of one God, the witches didn’t like it, because pagan deities are the source of their strength and power. Then the witches turned their craft against the offenders. Dark magic became the basis of a magical society and instead of worshiping the gods, they began to worship the Devil. One by one, their power began to weaken and they united. Thus, the first Ukrainian, and as they say, the most powerful coven of witches in the Slavic lands, the Sabbat, appeared.


Here witches and sorcerers from all the environs gathered, at least 3 times a year, to report to the Devil about the evil done. Almost the same as in the office, they submit an annual report on accounting, only here they provided evidence of the harm done to people. After that, even the physical appearance of the witches changed, as the mythologists say and transmit stories – the sorceresses, who used to do good and become stronger and more beautiful day by day, now sacrificed their beauty in order to increase the power of their spells. That is why the image of the witch after The Baptism of Rus – is a terrible old woman. Though she was not always like that – her appearance should be hidden in order to live among people. A lot of energy was wasted on this, so a witch who appears as a young girl is a weak witch.


So what is this Sabbath? Where and when was it held, who could attend and the most important thing – how to hide it from the eyes of mere mortals, because how weak they would not be, they were superior in number.

The meeting was held not somewhere in the dark forests, in high mountains or deserted steppes, but right in the center of the capital – Kiev. On Luysa (Bald) Mountain, which, according to ancient legends is the head of a huge snake that bends around the Earth and eats its tail – Ouroboros.

The dates of this event are : april 30, July 2 / June 29, February 2, May 23, June 22-23, July 7, October 31 are.

The most important ones – April 30 – Walpurgis Night and July 7 – Ivana Kupala Night and June 29 – Witches School Exam.

Walpurgis Night or Witch Bonfire is a traditional holiday of spring and fertility from April 30 to May 1 in many European countries, which dates back to pre-Christian times.


Ivana Kupala is a pagan festival of Slavic people, which ordinary people think is a celebration of purification and protection from dark forces. They conduct rites in order to avoid the influence of magic. In fact, these rituals blur the line between the otherworldly and the real world, witches and all evil spirits take the opportunity and come into our world, and feed the power from the otherworldly.


June 29 (July 2) – on this night, the youngest witches go to the Sabbath to Kiev to pass the exam. It is easiest for inborns, they are given powers with blood and regardless of the results of the so-called test, she will be a full-fledged witch. For born mortal, but those who learned to become a witch, it is more difficult – their tests are more dangerous, and they risk a lot. First, if the exam is not passed – the girl is given a curse to oblivion so that she cannot reveal the secrets of a  society and she has to live the rest of her days without memories of her childhood, relatives and friends, and even wake up every night from nightmares – echoes of what she had seen before . Secondly, they risk the life of their mentor – the witch who taught the young candidate. If the student of such a sorceress does not cope with even one task – she is deprived of her strength, or the ability to have children.


People obviously can not appear on the Sabbath. To hide the meeting, the witches impose a special collective spell on the area, a thick fog falls, and any mortal who enters it will get lost and will not find the Sabbath. Although there are exceptions, if a person wanted to sell his soul to the Devil, he can appear there, but only once. Then, under the spell, he forgets everything.

Another question is that this whole part of the story has long been hidden under a layer of years. Where did those famous, powerful sorcerers go? After all, the Ukrainian lands were not affected by the “Hammer of the Witches”. It is said that during the USSR, all those who at least somehow showed superpowers were killed and so gradually destroyed them all. But is it true? Most of the population still believes that in the progressive XXI century, the coven of witches has not disappeared anywhere and is carried out with the same regularity as in former times. It is organized in great secrecy from all living.

Would you dare to have a stroll by the Mountain Luysa on April, the 30th ?

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