Bulgarian Gold of Thracians exhibited in Moscow Museum

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Thracian culture is one of the mysterious parts of Slavic Balkan state Bulgaria. Thracian’s culture was famous for it’s amazing amount of golden relics, artifacts and artistically rich remains they left. This time the famous and very valuable Thracian gold was exhibited in a Moscow Museum where visitors could learn about Thracian culture, it’s impact on Bulgarian Slavic culture and naturally were all history enthusiasts could enjoy researching how once famous culture looked like! via(source)

Bulgaria as a country has a Slavic culture that has long had strong ties to Russia, both linguistic to cultural from their shared Slavic roots and their Orthodox Christian heritage.

This was a cultural exchange, made in cooperation between Russian and Bulgarian ministries of culture and as such it has resulted in the arrival of the Ancient Thrace exhibit in the State Historical Museum. More so as the culture of Ancient Thrace is completely alien to modern Bulgaria and Russia.

Ambassador Boiko Kotsev of Bulgaria has described these artifacts as “a unique exhibit, a pearl of European and world art.”

Many scholars generally use phrase “Ancient Thrace” to describe the dominant culture of Balkans between about 500 B.C. and A.D. 100, more precisely in the territory corresponding to present-day Bulgaria and Romania.

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