Сreepy tourism: Haunted places of Belarus

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What is best about tourism is that it is always different. Everyone can find something to be excited about. And Belarus is a perfect place to visit when it comes to diversity. Even the pickiest tourist can find a travel program  for his enjoyment. Even the ones, who love to play with their nerves

Nesvizhsky Castle


When it comes to Belarusian ghosts, they usually immediately recall Nesvizhsky Castle and its mystical inhabitant Black Panna. According to legend, the young wife of King Zhigimont ІІ August – Barbara Radziwill, poisoned by the cunning mother-in-law Bona Sforza, returned to the castle after death in the form of a ghost. True, modern researchers have a different opinion about the death of the queen – according to their version, Barbara Radziwill died from cancer. So it was or not, but the appearance of a ghost of a woman in the castle started talking for a long time. In recent history, Black Panna terrified the German garrison, located in the Radziwills residence during the occupation, and the last time they saw her shortly before the fire that happened in Nesvizhsky castle in 2002.

Mirsky Castle


It is said that the UNESCO Committee has an unspoken rule – to give the status of a World Heritage Site only to those castles in which ghosts live. Everything is clear with Nesvizhsky, but what about Mirsky, who also has this status since 2000? If you believe the local guides, the world is full of ghosts! There are stories about two skeletons found in combat ammunition, discovered during the reconstruction of 1926, in one of the basements of the castle. And although their remains were buried, the dead soldiers themselves, as if from time to time, return to the place of death in order to knit with their armor and swords. Another ghost disturbing locals and tourists is the ghost of the daughter of the owner of the castle of Prince Svyatopolk-Mirsky. Twelve-year-old Sophia drowned in a pond on the estate, soon her father died in the same way. All this is no accident, they say that this pond was cursed by a witch whose son had died while arranging this reservoir.

Golshansky Castle

Golshansky castle closes the top three Belarusian haunted castles. The Black Castle, sung by Vladimir Korotkevich, is famous for its Black Monk – the ghost of a rootless young boy, whom the local tycoon bricked in the castle wall for loving his daughter. Since then, the restless spirit wanders through basements and galleries, frightening visitors to the stronghold. However, today the horror is caused not so much by the stories about the ghosts of the Golshansky castle, but by the sad state of the old buildings – the winds of the walls open to all winds are becoming more and more destroyed from year to year.

The Dead lake

Sometimes nature and without human intervention can inspire mystical horror. In the world there are more than a dozen natural objects with the word “dead” in the title. There is such a place in Belarus – the Dead Lake, which is part of the Blue Lakes complex, which is in the Myadel region. The terrible name of the reservoir was due to the fact that it is almost completely absent life. Nearby forests are also famous for oppressive emptiness, animals here are extremely rare. Locals explain this situation with ancient curses and terrible legends about flooded cities. Scientists are far from mysticism, according to their assertions that the lake’s deadness is explained by the large amount of hydrogen sulfide in the water, as well as the almost complete absence of circulation between the water layers at depth. And the forest surroundings are empty because of the simple reason – the beasts have nothing to live on the lake shore, so they bypass the Dead Lake side.

Loshitsa manor

Not only Belarusian castles are famous for their ghosts, numerous ancient estates and ancestral nests scattered throughout Belarus are also rich in devilry. However, Minsk mystical lovers do not need to go far, the nearest ghost of Yadviga Lyubanskaya lives in Loshitsky park on the outskirts of the city. The young wife of the owner of the Loshitsky estate of Prince Lyubansky, behind her ever-busy husband, began an affair with the Minsk governor Musin-Pushkin. A high-ranking official, without hiding, sent love despatches by official mail straight to the Lyubansky estate. Such antics incredibly angry prince. After one of the quarrels with her husband, Jadwig ran out of the house to the park and never returned. Her body was found the next morning in a river nearby. The heartbroken prince Lyubansky threw everything and left Minsk forever, planting a Manchurian apricot on the spot where his wife was killed. According to legend, the ghost Jadwiga appears in the park during the flowering of this tree.

Object 1161. The deepest bunker of Belarus

In the Grodno region not far from Belovezhskaya Pushcha there is another object from the category of “abandoned” – an unfinished command post of the United military forces of the Warsaw Pact. The construction of the “Object 1161” began in 1985, but before the collapse of the Soviet Union it was not possible to finish the huge underground complex, which went underground by dozens of meters. The place is awesome. The entrance to the deepest bunker in Belarus was not long ago filled up, but curious diggers still find loopholes. They say that those who descended to the lowest levels of the bunker heard the ghost of … communism wandering somewhere nearby. However, the average man has his hair standing on end only because of the fact that a huge amount of money was ineptly buried in the ground during the construction of this structure.

Minsk. Abandoned Children’s Hospital


Enough in Belarus of abandoned buildings, in which even without mystical stories it is creepy to be. One of these places is an abandoned children’s hospital in Minsk. The building, built in the late 1930s, was left not so long ago – in 2004. The hospital is under protection, but the daredevils from the metropolitan lovers of “abandoned” repeatedly visited its internal premises. Wards with shabby paint, rusty medical utensils, rotten furniture — more recently, in the hospital, they fought for children’s lives, but today the building itself breathes its last. There is a special place in the hospital – a round audience-amphitheater, in which there was a fire. The room is very similar to a prosector’s room, where professors used to prepare human bodies before the eyes of medical students. The best place to shoot a horror movie is probably not to be found in the entire capital.

Uzda pyramid

Cemeteries since ancient times were considered to be the favorite place of stay of evil forces. People in the dark try to avoid necropolis. There is one more reason for the caution for such an attitude to the graves – in the middle of the local cemetery there rises a stone pyramid, suggestive of mummies and ancient bloodthirsty gods. However, according to local historians, the tomb in the form of a pyramid, built in 1800, has nothing to do with the ancient cults. Its creator, General Casimir Zavisha, simply followed the fashion of that time to all of Egypt, which spread throughout the world after the campaign of Napoleon’s troops in Egypt.

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