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12 Awesome Yugoslav Covers of US Classics You Need To Hear

Oldies but Goldies Like You Haven’t Heard Them Before

source: / Eleonora Glišić

Yugoslavia – In the 1950s and 1960s Yugoslav labels (mainly Jugoton) decided to buy out American hits and translate them to Yugoslav languages. One MIGHT think this sounds like a bad idea, but in reality, the translators and producers did one hell of a job (if you ask me) and of course, they made sure to hire the best singers for the job.

This was in no way showing that Yugoslavia lacked original content, because its music was known outside its borders. One such example of music appreciation among Slavs is the Yugoton (2001) tribute album that features cover versions of eminent ex-Yugoslav artists performed in Polish language by a cover band named Yugoton.

Anyway, if you’re a 50’s & 60’s music fan or you just like covers, listen to these ASAP:

1. Miki Jevremović – Kuća izlazećeg sunca (1964) / “The House Of The Rising Sun”

2. Miki Jevremović – Zbogom, Kalifornijo (1966) / “California Dreamin'”

3. Seka Kojadinović – Niko Te Neće Zavoleti (1968) / “Somebody To Love”

4. Majda Sepe – Bang Bang (1967) / “Bang Bang – My Baby Shot Me Down”

5. Mišo Kovač – San Francisko (1967) / “San Francisco – Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair”

6. Josipa Lisac – Nema Sunca (1976) / “Ain’t No Sunshine”

7. Dušan Prelević i Mira Peić – Daj nam sunca (1969) / “Let the Sunshine In”

8. Sanjalice – Srećni Zajedno (1967) / “Happy Together”

9. Bijele Strijele – Mrzim Taj Dan (1963) / “Unchain My Heart”

10. Gabi Novak – Down Town (1965) / “Downtown”

11. Marjana Deržaj – Samo Ti (1959) / “Only You”

12. Bisera Veletanlic – Sunny (1967) / “Sunny”

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