150 Balkanians Roasting Lambs in Middle of Berlin, Shocked Germans Call Police To Intervene

The Balkanization process of EU is well under way and they aren’t prepared

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These days it is so sunny and warm, days are just inviting you to do a picnic. However Slavs and Germans have different thoughts when they think of picnics. Few hours later 150 people fled from the city park after being caught by Police for roasting 12 lambs. The police published photos of the unusual scene on Facebook. Without “evidence”, someone would probably think it was a joke.

Up to the arrival of police officers, the participants of the “picnic” already burned the fire and burned the sheep. The police found that about 150 people had gathered, including children who were running on open fire reports BILD.

The police officers who received the report were initially told that “People are pulling skinned sheeps from their cars in the Friedrichshain park”

The police called the firefighters to extinguished the fire, and they themselves listed the data of the organizer, who, according to police officers, was prepared to participate.

Asked by the police officers how the idea of ​​such a gathering came to their senses, the organizer said that the group with roots mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated the holiday for years in a similar way.

This year, probably, it was not particularly fun to have fun, since the organizer is threatened with up to 5000 Euros fine. In order not to repeat similar occurrences, the Berlin police published a link on Facebook to find out where in Berlin outdoor picnics are allowed.

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