8 ways to help animals survive the winter time

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When the temperatures drop, the wildlife animals struggle to keep warm and to find enough food to survive. Especially when it is snowy, there is no fresh water for drinking, no grass, no source of food available easily. Therefore, they need our help. Of course, nature survives without humans help, but supporting our little brothers is much appreciated. A few simple actions can survive many lives.

Feed the birds, cats, squirrels, etc.

Buy some dry food for animals like cats, birds, etc. They struggle quite a lot and every help will be much appreciated. You can find delicious and suitable food in your kitchen, all you have to do is to learn what you can offer to the animals in your area.

Buy high-quality food

It doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. You should think about the quality of the food you want to offer to the animals. Food rich in vitamins and oils should be perfect. Not all the products suggested by the shops are good. Some of them are just expensive and the producers don’t really care about the quality. Knowing what animal you want to feed, you should read about the preferences of this specific species and buy food recommended by the specialists.

Provide fresh water

Many people think that if it’s winter, the animals don’t need water. However, it is not true. Animals need the source of water, and this what they can find is usually not enough. Moreover, the snow in the cities isn’t clean, it consists of many chemicals and salt. While trying to clean the streets, people poison the possible source of water to the animals. Therefore, don’t forget to supply the fresh water (it can be warm, but not hot) to the animals. Don’t forget that smashing the ice or pouring boiling water into the pond will harm the fish and animals living in it.

Make them space to survive

If you can create a space for animals to give them a warm cat house, hedgehog house or just a space in your basement, it would be much appreciated especially during the heavy cold. When the temperature becomes very low, animals also might freeze. Therefore, they need our support. Although many people say that animals know how to survive, we have to remember that humans changed the ecological system of this planet and the environment is imbalanced. Many species of animals cannot find the save shelter as easily as it was centuries ago.

Take care for their health

When you meet the animals you want to feed or offer the water, watch them carefully. If you can notice the symptoms of the disease, you should consult it with the veterinary doctor. Your reaction might be priceless because you can save the life of a weak and sick animal. Sometimes they just need to find the warm space, but if they suffer due to the disease their chance to survive the winter decrease… And only the humans’ help can save them.

Always check for life before lighting the fire

Did you know that many animals find the save shelter in the limbs of the trees, dry leaves and the other places like this? Some people enjoy lighting the fire during the winter time, especially in the forests. However, you should always check if the wood or the leaves you want to use didn’t become a house to the animal that tries to survive the winter. Always be careful! You never know who sleeps inside!

Consider planting Fruit-Bearing Trees and Shrubs

If you have a garden, you should consider planting the trees and shrubs that will be the source of fruits for the birds during the winter time. There are many different types of plants that can make the winter to the birds easier. They can find natural food especially those that fruit in the winter such as holly, apple trees, cotoneasters, and firethorns, etc.

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