Cats are launching an offensive on humans with these awesome handmade Russian tanks

No human & cat friendship will be the same ever again

cocoparisienne (CC0), Pixabay

Novosibirsk – When you look at your favorite fur pet, isn’t it obvious, they are your master and you are their slave that brings them food. In order to make that authority of your pet even more established one Russian engineer Ivan Veryasov has decided to make and sell awesome cat tanks. This thing can even rotate its turret, making your cat that much more dangerous if you don’t serve her food. No human & cat friendship will be the same again, it’s obvious now who is in charge.

Veryasov has spent over two months to assemble this tank in order to make his cat invincible. We can now safely ask ourselves: Has Slavic science gone too far? How far will be go? Will we lose a global war to cats?

“This is my hobby, I like to do it. So let’s say, a fantasy came to reality “the engineer explained on one Russian media.

This tank is such a hit it actually appeared even on the BBC news. We are sure you could arrange some kind of a deal with Veryasov if you want your own cat tank, maybe you should contact him. It is obvious by now, cats already dominate our world, why don’t you just make peace with that fact and get your cat what it deserves.

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