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Map of most common ‘surnames’ in Slavic countries

If you ever go to these Slavic countries there’s a big chance you’ll meet them

Slavic Europe – Have you ever wondered which are the most popular surnames in Slavic countries? Jakub Marin from Czech Republic made a research about whole of Europe, but we will focus only on Slavic part here. He has split the map into colors to represent the meaning of those names, with “Red – the names based on whether large or new”, “Brown – the profession of his father”, “Blue – as the son of his father“,”Turquoise – the place of origin” and “Green – the names based on natural objects”.

Most popular surnames in Slavic countries:

  • Russia – Smirnov
  • Belarus – Ivanov
  • Ukraine – Melnyk
  • Poland – Nowak
  • Slovakia – Horváth
  • Czechia – Novák
  • Slovenia – Novak
  • Croatia – Horvat
  • Serbia – Jovanović
  • BiH – Hodžić
  • Macedonia – Stojanovski
  • Montenegro – Popović
  • Bulgaria – Ivanov

Many surprising things came from this map such as the fact that in some cases you can actually witness Slavic migrations just judging by most popular surnames in countries, i.e. large amount of Horváth (Croat) surname among Slovaks and in southern Poland, witnessing existence of White Croatia in history. What more interesting conclusions can we get out of this map?

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