Yugo The Worst And Best Car In The World

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These days Yugo is over three dozen years old, titled by some as the worlds worst car ever built, the one and only. Coming from the Yugoslav state as its first car brand, it was built on thin frames with just as much instability and design errors. Never the less this car really made it, it was even sold in U.S.A. and across Europe and it did become a brand no matter what people think. It was a car that everyone loved to hate, it was almost like an obsession in western world, to hate Yugo but secretly love to do that. You have to admit, even you probably have heard at least one joke about Yugo!

You see, it was a brand after all just like Apple is hated today for it’s overpriced phones of dubious quality.

What Yugo car is really about

Over 800,000 Yugos have been built over four decades, which when you think about it was a lot!  It meant the little car did have it’s market despite all the bashing.

Yugo was meant to be a socialist cheap vehicle that every household can have (like Hitlers VW Bubba). Naturally if you have something so cheap it will have it’s faults. Owners were complaining a lot with things like premature engine failures, loose doors, unreliable gear box and many other quirks.

How YUGO car was treated in media and among reviewers

In no time jokes started to emerge, such as this one: “Why is the Yugo’s rear window heated? To keep your hands warm when you push it.”

No matter the jokes and complaints little Yugo super-car got over 7,500 orders from United States before it even came there.

Spreading and marketing of YUGO car in USA

Hopes where high, advertising was aggressive with ads that were suggesting Americans every household should have a Yugo.

Yugoslavia felt it has finally hit a jackpot and that it will feel the benefits of capitalism. Then soon the cold shower came as local American magazines and journals did the test drives of Yugo and called it “hardly even a car at all”.

Many were actually shocked how bad the car was, they couldn’t believe it they spend their money on it. Still the import of this car to North America was active until the Balkan wars started. That was the end of Yugo just like it’s state…

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