Refuge Galindia – The Polish Slavic Pagan Resort That You Have to Visit

Aren’t we all bored from mainstream Hotels and “always the same” options?


Iznota, Poland – Well if you are bored of “always the same” mainstream hotels, this is something new. It’s a cool relaxing vacation packed with numerous adventures and fun theme that you or your kids would absolutely love to experience. This is a “Refuge Galindia” and it’s situated in Iznota near to Mikołajki in Poland.

It’s well marked on tourist maps (or Google maps) so you should have no problem finding it, and also it’s situated nearby the river Krutyn and lake Bełdany, meaning it’s going to be a very pleasant nature endowed experience.

How living in a Slavic Pagan resort looks like?


Z Galindowym Pozdrowieniem na Nowy Rok !!!

At first when you approach near Galindia there’s a big chance you’ll be ambushed by a pack of wild Pagan Slavs. (more so if you arrange your arrival and apartment by phone)

But don’t worry, when they see you’re a fellow Slav (okey, non-Slavs can come too) they’ll let you go further…besides hey they all are the Galindia Refuge staff…!

Upon arriving to the Refuge Galindia a guard surrounded by Slavic Kumiri (God totems) will probably check you out too…but again, fellow Slavs you’ll be welcome, no fear!


Galindia updated their cover photo.

During the visit you better respect them and the local Slavic traditions there or you’ll gonna get chased away! After all they are letting you be a part of their ancient Slavic community and letting you live as a part of it.

If you’ll be good enough they will even show you their most sacred Slavic shrines dedicated to our almighty Slavic Gods.

From Perun to Svarog, Veles they’re all here, so in this sacred room you better show some respect tourists!

If you survived their guards and initial sacred Slavic ritual, it means you were accepted by them. That means a good feast of pork, lamb, bread, wine, beer and kompot is gonna be held in honor of your visit! After all, Slavs have always been hospitable!


Szaman WOJ

It’s not smart to refuse food or even worse eat little in such a community, so you better fill your stomach just right! Or you might offend the cook, and you don’t want to do that because they have large axes.

The next day if you earn their respect a good word about you might even get to their village Lord. So if you are that good, he might invite you to his summer throne, they’ll take you to visit him there and his concubines.


Galindia updated their cover photo.

Check their sacred virgin warrior gardens, impressive huh? Wait there’s more!

Even be a witness to old pagan way of how Slavs said goodbye to their kin on funerals. Bonfire to say goodbye to their deceased ruler will be very memorable!


Galindia added a new photo.

On the other hand, if you get naughty and would try to run away from their village on a boat!

You stand no chance, they have a warship that’s gonna get you! These fierce Pagan warriors will cuff you up and get you back to the refuge to set you up in your cozy room to enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Really, what are you waiting for?

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