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The value of places where you can find contemporary art inside the capital of Ukraine and beyond – about one to two not in favor of the regions. Regarding the sites where modern foreign projects are regularly visited, guests are easier to meet at festivals and within the framework of Goethe-Institut Ukraine, British Council, Česká Center and other foreign cultural agents. There are also permanent exhibitions – the most famous PinchukArtCentre and many private, micro-exhibitions. But in addition to Kiev, there are many galleries and exhibitions devoted to contemporary art throughout Ukraine, and if you are a pioneer, then here’s a little guide:


Armenian street, 35

If you are interested in the Lviv passer-by, where to look for contemporary art, you are very likely to be sent here. Dzyga is an artistic association that has experienced a number of bliss and crises since 1993. It was founded by representatives of the local student fraternity and creative city dwellers – for example, theatrical director Sergei Proskurnya and Vlodko Kaufman, Ukrainian artist of German descent. Subsequently, the collective included late Ukrainian avant-garde and underground musicians.

Today, the art projects of “Dzyga” can be seen in the gallery of the same name in the blind corner of the Armenian street. However, this location activity is not limited. The unions, rather informal than officially defined, hold concerts, film shows, art interventions, support many cultural initiatives up to international festivals, sound in the media and have an active civic stance. The content is different – you can come across the designs of Vladimir Topy, Volodymyr Kostryka, Teresa Barabash or Kinder Album, or you can open a completely new name.

Detenpyla gallery

This informal gallery was founded in the spring of 2011. It is a workshop-exhibition space. The total area of the space – 25 square meters – seems to be sufficient to make the atmosphere of events in it chamber. “Curators” of the space – Yuriy Biley, Stanislav Turin and Pavlo Kovac. Some of them you will most likely encounter inside.Over the past 5 years, about 70 exhibitions have taken place, including projects by such artists as Lyubomir Timkiv, Yaroslav Futymsky, Alexey Salmanov, Alexander Matviyenko, Stanislav Turin, Danilo Kovach, Sergei Savchenko, Mikhail Barabash, Gabriel Bulets. The idea of a non-stop project, which is a gallery, is to provide the contemporary artists with a podium for the exchange of achievements, ideas, food and alcohol.

Come In

Danilevskogo, 26

Come In was opened in 2014 by Anastasia Leonova and has since positioned itself as an independent gallery focusing on the popularization of contemporary art in Ukraine. Among other things, its goal is to provide space for public dialogue. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions, exciting lectures on art, performances, concerts, theatrical performances. Also show partner foreign and nonresident projects.

Art Center Aza Nizi Maza

Chernyshevskaya, 4

Aza Nizi Maza is a unique for Ukraine project by Koli and Masha Kolomiytsev, which started in 2013 as an alternative school for fine arts for children. The focus of the project is still complex children’s lessons, but for four years the studio has its own exhibition space, a modest cafe and a small shop. In the latter you can buy bags of banners with children’s paintings.

Before the appearance of its own art center Aza Nizi Maza held exhibitions on other progressive sites, therefore, it is well known to Kharkiv residents and Ukrainians in general.

Exposition Aza Nizi Maza has a characteristic rice – the space of a gallery in a revival style or church style is decorated with works from top to bottom and resembles a cave.


street Catherine, 25

Invogue # Art – a gallery of contemporary art in Odessa, located literally in the basement of the boutique tent #inVogue. Despite the fact that the official activity of the institution is aimed at the promotion of topical Ukrainian artists in general, the most part of the exhibition projects is directly involved in Odessa. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery organizes controversial projects to attract artists from other cities, lectures, artist talks, film shows. Also, there is a program for children – consider this, planning a visit on the weekend. The main forms of art that you can appreciate in the gallery – new media, sculpture, graphics, photography and painting.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa (ISMO)

Leontovicha, 5

Today, the ISMO is a large complex (including architectural) on the French Boulevard. Not far from it is the Odessa Academic Musical Comedy Theater, the central point of the International Odessa Film Festival. The museum was founded in 2008 by businessman and patron Vadim Morokhovsky. At the heart of the museum fund – a private collection of works of Odessa avant-gardists second wave of Michael Knobel. The current registration was received by the institution in 2012.

The modern exposition includes halls dedicated to the Odessa school of painting and the early Odessa underground, the second wave of the Odessa avant-garde, the non-conformists of the 70’s, Soviet modernism, postmodernism, transavan garde, conceptualism and art of the last decade.

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