When Russian Conscripts Get Caught Using Smartphones, This Is What Happens To Them

That new pretty Note 8 could looks so nice with a nail in it


In Russian army soldiers are not allowed to carry mobile phones or smartphones with themselves. Can use only during their free time, because they are considered to working with secret objects. However not every soldier hands in his phone to the commanders. This is what happens with such phones claim the ex-conscripts on Pikabu as they share their stories.

In some army regiments there are special boards which display seized phones. Often they are first broken or smashed. Also those boards are sort of trying to be creative in joking about this issue like this board says:

“Use of the radio and cell phones is forbidden” and then ten spots marked as “place for your phone”

Recall that in the Russian army, “Order 010” prohibits the use of cellular phones, as well as other radio transmitters and radio receivers.

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