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Where are Slavs on IQ Map of Europe?

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Results are presented as data gained from four years of research by psychology professor Richard Lina, and political science professor Tatu Vanhanen from the UK and Finland. The study was conducted in 80 countries, and the results shows that IQ is impacted by the wealth of a nation. Research has caused complete controversy and lots of debates. It can not be considered a hundred percent credible. However, Hong Kong is on the first place with an average IQ of 108, with rank 59th Serbia is located in the middle of the list with an average IQ 89 per capital but below other Slavic countries.

Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are a little bit better and have an average ratio of 90, and the best of Macedonia with the 91s among South Slavs. West and East Slavs are dominating on the list according to the IQ test.

  • Rank 8Poland – IQ 99
  • Rank 9Czech Republic – IQ 98
  • Rank 10Belarus – IQ 97
  • Rank 10Russia – IQ 97
  • Rank 10Ukraine – IQ 97
  • Rank 11Slovakia – IQ 96
  • Rank 11Slovenia – IQ 96
  • Rank 14Bulgaria – IQ 93
  • Rank 16FYROM – IQ 91
  • Rank 17BiH – IQ 90
  • Rank 17Croatia – IQ 90
  • Rank 18Serbia – IQ 89

Lynn and Vanhanen claim that at least this research actually managed to establish the connection between the wealth and intelligence meaning IQ is not just influenced by genetics but actually surrounding of a nation and it’s material wealth. If you wish to see other countries on the list you can check it out on page IQ Research, where the list was published. Just be sure to interpret it with extreme caution for other peoples feelings.

How do you explain higher intelligence of West and East Slavs compared to South Slavs? 

What do you think?

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Written by Ivan R.

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