6 reasons why you don’t have to travel out of the Slavic world

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Let’s be honest – we don’t have to leave the area of the Slavic countries to find everything we need in life. Why is that? Because from Poland to Balkans we have all we need. Of course, if you will really try to find something we don’t have in the Slavic countries, you will perhaps achieve it, but the truth is that having such different countries located in different climate zones, we can offer the world everything most of the people needs. And guess what? You can travel from one to another without the necessity of making long flights, etc. Not convinced? Check out the list below:

1. We have the beaches at least as beautiful as the wild paradise

No matter if you visit Polish seaside or the Croatian paradise beaches, you won’t be disappointed. There is a huge mystery around the beaches in the Slavic countries: they are as amazing as in Spain, Italy or France, but the stay is usually cheaper. Moreover, you can choose if you prefer dark and cold seas or the ones that look like from the Little Mermaid movie.

2. You can find perfect space to practice winter sports

Slavic countries offer many fabulous places to practice winter sports. Although you cannot expect the snow for example in some parts of Balkans, you have an impressive number of the winter sports center in the northern Slavic countries. For example, in the Tatra Mountains, you can find numerous sports centers that offer the highest standards and fabulous attractions.

3. In the Slavic countries, you can find many fascinating sanctuaries

Of course the most important is Medjugorje. It is as famous as Fatima and Lourdes, however, this one is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every year millions of people arrive in this town looking for a life-changing message from the Virgin Mary or the miracle. Apart from this, there are dozens of appreciated sanctuaries in other countries like famous Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, Poland. The visit there is truly an unforgettable experience.

4. You don’t have to go to Rome to see a remarkable arena like Colosseum

Instead of traveling to Italy, you can visit Pula in Croatia. Slavic countries offer many fabulous ancient ruins including the remnants of the Roman Empire civilization. In the Savic countries, you can find the significant archeological sites related to Ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, etc. Moreover, ancient Slavic tribes are really fascinating!

5. The pearls of gothic architecture are located in Poland

Did you know that in the city of Gdańsk you can find the largest made of bricks gothic church of the world? St Mary’s church is outstanding and unbelievably huge. Moreover, Poland also can offer the largest medieval castle. It is currently known as the Malbork Castle, located in the city of Malbork. It was built by the Teutonic Order as the main castle of their country that existed on the current Polish land during the medieval period.

6. If you want to make a career, we have some business centers important in the world

If you think that big business is located in Frankfurt, Berlin or London, you are wrong. We have fabulous business centers in Warsaw, Prague, and some other cities. It is believed that especially Warsaw grew to the level of the real capital of business and economy. Due to the good financial offer, many international companies want to have an office in the capital of Poland.

Slavic countries offer so much that it is likely that sooner or later some of them will become economically stronger. Currently, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Poland became paradise to the tourists. However, many countries wait for being noticed and appreciated as much as they deserve. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the Slavic countries as a destination of your next holidays. You won’t be disappointed!

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