Awesome Ukrainian “Banksy” Street Art by Sharik

The Ukrainian city of Simferopol, located on the Black sea coast, has become a home to recently spotted “Banksy”-style graffiti murals, it’s over 20 of them. If you are wondering Banksy is a pseudonym of a famous British graffiti artists, painter and a political activist whose identity is still unknown. Some UK art dealers that vacationed in Simferopol sold some original Banksy art work there and they say Ukrainian graffiti looks “very similar to Banks”. However, the Simferopo’s street art is signed by “Sharik” (meaning little ball) and his identity is also unknown.

But the thing is, this phantom graffiti artists should be awarded because tourists that flock popular Ukrainian summer resort city say they absolutely love these paintings and wish local authorities preserve them.

Awesome skill, agree with us?

What do you think?

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