Polish love story: Cow runs away from farm to run free with wild Bisons

Born to be free…

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One cow surprised a group of Polish naturalists, because she was found living with a herd of wild buffalo in the ancient forest of Bialowieza, the BBC reported to the Polish media. The cow “chose freedom”, the Polish TVN24 news portal writes. She ran away from the farm last autumn and after that she was seen with a herd of about fifty buffaloes in the forest on the border with Belarus.

Ornithologist Adam Zbirit first noticed the cow in December.

“It’s not unusual to see a bison near the forest of Bialowieza, but one animal attracted my attention, it had a completely different light brown shade, and it was different from the rest of the herd. Bison’s colors are chestnut or dark brown,” ~ he said.

Zbirit rejected his original idea of ​​mutation, when he looked at the animal well through the binoculars and saw that it was a ordinary cow – a French cow species popular in Poland.

The young animal looked healthy and did not seem to be a threat to the bison. The natives believed that they would return home when it started winter.

And then, biologist Rafal Kovalcik saw it this week. She’s still healthy and looks happy with a bunch of bisons. Although she may not be in danger, Kovalcik warns that the cow might pose a threat to bison for possible mating that would contaminate a sensitive species of about 600 bison.

This cow is still too young to mate, but it looks like her adventure will end before spring because they plan to capture her and return her to her farm from which she escaped.

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