Reward for the “Scariest Playground” in the world goes to Ukraine

We believe that being here alone in the dark would be beyond “creepy”

jraisleger (CC0), Pixabay

Sergeevka, Ukraine – Hollywood movies are full of horror spectacles that take place in circuses, playgrounds and such “happy” places. This children’s playgrounds is located in Sergeevka, Ukraine and it’s one of those that would creep you out. Thanks to photographer Kayman21 we can see how this place looks like!

This is actually a playground located in former famous Black Sea resort, however today it’s abandoned and this overgrow park is creeping visitors out. In other words it can ruin ones childhood playground memories in a single stroke! First thing that you see when you come in is a scared looking giant with a bleached face that will greet you with a nice pleasant “Help me” look. h/t: (Kayman21)

Here the “fairy tale” begins!

How are your childhood memories now?

What do you think?

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