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Scary Abandoned locations in Slavic countries

Scary Abandoned locations in Slavic countries – Hope you are ready for this and you aren’t looking this at night! Okey maybe you won’t be scared from your warm cosy house viewing this at your PC desktop but be sure that you would be very scared if you were at one of these locations at night!

It’s no joke, these places have been abandoned long time ago and many things crawl among the ruins at night so enjoy our story from the comfyness of your home!

Church in Żeliszów (Lower Silesia-Poland)


Macedonia: St. Nikola Church, Mavrovo


Abandoned tourist hotel/building. Haludovo, island Krk, Croatia.


Chernobyl Ukraine


BiH, Sarajevo – bob slide track


Old abandoned village in Russia


Poland, Częstochowa – train scrapyard


Russia – rocket facility


Siberian abandoned ghost town, Kadykchan.


Bulgaria – communist party house


Ukraine – “tunnel of love”


This sure are scary but also beautiful places to visit (maybe except Chernobyl due to radiation), hope you liked it!

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