Top Coolest Statues In Slavic Countries

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Top national statues in Slavic countries – We will now bring you the most coolest collection of statues across Slavic lands! Feel free to leave comments if you want some others to be included of course! Statues here mostly reflect medieval times, but there are some others as well! We hope you will like this collection, and maybe at least it will give you a clue what to visit when you’re on your next trip through Slavic countries! Enjoy this wonderful gallery!

St. Wenceslaus statue

King Svätopluk I

Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

St. George vs Dragon

Zagreb, Croatia. (Yarilo vs Veles)

Pomnik Jazdy

Located in Poland

Monument of the Asens

Veliko Tarnovo Located in Bulgaria


Located in Serbia

Monuments of John III Sobieski

Located in Poland

Bohdan Khmelnytskiy

monument in Kyiv, Ukraine:

Taras Shevchenko

monument in Lviv:

Jan Žižka

Vítkov Hill in Prague Czech Republic

General Rudolf Maister

statue in Ljubljana, Slovenia

King Tomislav

Čapljina, BiH

The Monument of Peace

United nations building in Slovenia


Beograd Serbia

Ban Jelaćić

in Zagreb, Croatia

Alexander the Great

in Macedonia (we bet Greeks expected this)


centre of Viciebsk. Belarus

Bruce Lee

Mostar, BiH  (we bet you didn’t expect this)

Peter the Great


The Motherland Calls

Stalingrad, Russia

The Motherland Calls

Kiev, Ukraine

Founders of Kievan Rus



Split, Croatia 😀

Hope you had fun on this little journey with us! Leave a comment if you seen any of these or if you think some others should be included!

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