UFO in Baltic Sea? The secrets of the mysterious anomaly

The researchers try to speculate who or what created a mysterious object.

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The Baltic Sea covers thousands of secrets. Some of them are related to the natural habitat, the others stay hidden among the wrecks of the ships. However, some elements of the underwater world cannot be explained easily. One of them is a mysterious anomaly discovered a few years ago. It looks like a spacecraft reminds of the movie productions like Star Trek or Star Wars. The only difference is that it really exists, seems to be made of stone and blew the mind of many people.

The story has begun from the digital pictures published online presented some sort of natural geological formation located beneath the waves of the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Sweden and Finland. Since the beginning, it seemed that the area consists something unusual and original. However, the world of science stayed skeptical.

The anomaly was discovered in 2011 by the treasure hunters who discovered a mysterious shape 91 meters under the Baltic Sea. The expectation led by the captain Peter Lindberg and co-researcher Dennis Asberg, spotted the anomaly using a used a side-scan sonar. Once published, the pictures became a reason for a huge and loud discussion between the specialists in geology and enthusiasts of the topics related to external civilizations and their visits on Earth.

The imagination of the UFO hunters

Once the first drawings appeared in media, dozens of people interested in the stories related to the visits of external civilizations on Earth, got totally crazy. They concluded that the image shows a 60-meter diameter circular object with features resembling ramps, stairways, and other structures not produced by nature. The analysis made by amateur fans of theories pinpointed that it has to be a spacecraft or a construction created by the different unknown civilization before the Ice Age.

Some organizations interested in these topics stayed that the discovered anomaly can be impossible to explain to the human beings. The others started to promote the theory that the anomaly is nothing else but sort of an „underwater Stonehenge”. The imagination of so-called specialists became hilarious. However, most of the UFO hunters agreed that the weird object discovered under the waters of the Baltic Sea has to come from the different world, maybe the other galaxy.

Trying to solve the mystery

Not everybody got so excited about the discovery of the treasure hunters. As seabed sonar-scanning expert Dan Fornari, a marine geologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts said to LiveScience: “The sonar image has numerous artifacts in it that make it difficult to interpret, and I would not place too much confidence in any interpretation until a better processing is done and the details of the type of sonar and particulars are provided. I’m saying the data are lacking in resolution, detail, and quantification.”

Although the expert analysis suggests this s nothing else but a glacial deposit, and the only reason why it became so popular was a low-resolution sonar scan, the mystery continues. As long as making better pictures and analysis won’t be possible, this strange anomaly will stay one of the secrets of the Baltic Sea.

The ‘alien theories” are supported by people like Peter Lindberg, the leader of the Ocean Explorer team, who explored this area with the group of the other scientists and divers. He told that it’s not obviously an alien spacecraft because it’s not made of metal. He conceded that it could be an alien spaceship if the aliens decided to make their vessels out of meteor-like rocks.
Interestingly, the story of the formation of rocks which, according to the scientists is 60 meters in diameter, became very popular in American and Japanese media. The discovery was almost completely ignored by Slavic media.

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