Will Russia build Hyperloop before Elon Musk? It seems it will!

New invention might become the new “Silk Road” between Russia and China

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Moscow, Russia – The dream of a super-fast train of the future by famous inventor Elon Musk could become a reality by the end of this year, the Russian reality. If everything goes according to plan a prototype Hyperloop will be soon built as a first link between St.Petersburg and Moscow. It’s said that even Vladimir Putin loves the idea and participates in it’s development.

Since Hyperloop launch, Russia has shown the most interest and has become a key investor in the development of the train. So Vladimir Putin at the annual forum held in June in St. Petersburg in an interview with Shervin Pishevarom promised government support for the development and implementation of this transport technology.

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Russian Ministry of Transport, Hyperloop One and “Magomedova Summa” group are planning the construction of the first 70 kilometers long connection between the border of the Chinese province of Jilin and the Russian port of Zarubino for 30 billion rubles, or $ 460 million by 2020.

The Russians were the first into space with Sputnik, and could be the first and the transonic transport – said Bruce Upbin, head Hyperloop One.

The original idea was that the Russians Hyperloop modernize and improve the transport system for the 16 million inhabitants of Moscow, but the long-term plan is sure to transport links Russia with China.

Then, in 2013, everyone thought it was Tesla’s inventor and director happy. And this is what he called for in the 1960 draft.

However, due to the work on the development of electric cars and flights into space, Muska idea Hyperloop waited. But on this occasion invited all interested investors to participate in the construction of the train.

This would mean that this would become a “new Silk Road”, which means that Russians speed train wouldn’t transport only people, but also the goods, and thus expand the trade routes from Europe to China and through Russia and Central Asia.


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