Young Croatian Writers And Their Books You Should Absolutely Read This Year

Books you must read

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If you are one of those persons who know how to enjoy a good book, how to appreciate a good kind of writing and a huge ability of some writers to take us away from our everyday worries and hard reality, you must read books of this young Croatian writers, this young incredible persons who are capable to take you in their own incredible works full of gorgeous words.

Many of this authors have been translated in other languages and if you have a possibility do read their books.


Jelena Hrvoj is a writer, columnist, blogger and an illustrator. She has published two distinctive works by now and they are called “Štorka” (published in 2014.) and “Durgina kuća”(published in 2016.). She mostly writes psychological thriller and horror genre. Her first published book is currently waiting for its second edition.

– “Štorka” is a psychological thriller with elements of horror. The main guideline follows a young woman called Era Torin who suffers from schizophrenia. Her inside voice calling itself Štorka is guiding Era to make some murders.

– “Durgina kuća” (House of Durga) is a psychological horror. The story follows three thirteen-year-old girls who committed a murder and now are facing consequences as thirty-year-old women.

– This year Jelena will also publish a sequel of “Štorka” called “Štorka: Manifest”.


Ana – Marija Posavec from Baranja is a writer, born on 3the of May of 1990. in Osijek. She is a professor of Croatian language and literature; PhD candidate at the University of Osijek.
She has published three fantasy novels of which the last is “Vincent” that has the huge interest of the audience, and a psychological novel titled “Čelist”. In addition she writes long fiction and writes short stories, literary overviews, technical papers, edites and proofreads texts by other authors. She writes stories and reviews m for the magazine “Kvaka” (Velika Gorica) and culture magazine “Literary magazine” (Osijek).


Božana Ćosić (born Vegeš) was born on February 21st, 1980 in Slavonski Brod.
Live for writing begins in primary school days, and still continues.
She writes poems, stories and novels of various topics. Poems and stories were published various books, and in 2016 sge announces her debut crime novel “Point of disappearance” which is nicely accepted by readers. It is a short horror movie in which the action is led by private detetivka B.V. London urged to cooperate with the known prior art police team to help them to solve an unusual case.
Her sentences are smooth and clear, and characters working width acceptance does not appoint a typical domestic names. “The point of disappearance” is the first novel in the series about detetive London.
Apart from thrillers Ćosić skillfully handled other genres, both in the preparation of romance for which she hopes will be equally widely read.


Ivan Gaćina was born on April 15th, 1981. In Zadar, Republic of Croatia. He received his high school diploma and degree of computer engineer master at the University of Dubrovnik in 2010, where he was awarded with an additional grade of cum laude as one of the best graduate students for outstanding achievement. He is working as elementary and high school teacher of mathematics, physics, computer science and computing.
He writes poetry and haiku poetry, short stories, aphorisms and reviews of literary works and occasionally deals with digital photography.
He is the winner of 20 international poetry and short stories in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Translated into several languages: English, Slovenian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Arabic, Roman, Filipino (Tagalog and Cebuano), Vietnamese, Uganda (lunyoro or runyoro) and Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia and Batak Toba) and Chakavian and Kajkavian dialects of Croatian language.
He has cast two independent collections of poetry: “Tebe traži moja rima” (KC Kalliopa, Našice, Croatia, 2014) and “Tvorac misli – Prolaznik u noći” (SVEN, Niš, Serbia, 2015). He also published works in joint collections: he is represented in over 130 collections and over 10 different journals.


Vlatka Planina is a writer with a master’s degree in English Language and Comparative Literature.
She’s published four poetry books: A nekad si mi kupovao lizalice (You Used To Buy Me Lollipops), Nemoj se plašiti ovoga neba (Do Not Be Afraid of This Sky), A Booklet of Poems for the Ace of Hearts and Neizbrojnosti (Uncountables), a fairytale-fantastic young adult trilogy, the novels: Jegulja (The Eel), Kralj i bajka (The King and the Fairytale) and Povratak vještice (Return of the Witch), and a fantastic teen novel Wend.
She is a member of the Croatian Association of Writers for Children and Youth.
She lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.


  • A nekad si mi kupovao lizalice (Naklada Bošković, 2010.)
  • Nemoj se plašiti ovoga neba (Naklada Bošković, 2014.)
  • A Booklet of Poems for the Ace of Hearts (Amazon, 2016.)
  • Jegulja (Naklada Bošković, 2016.)
  • Kralj i bajka (Naklada Bošković, 2016.)
  • Povratak vještice (Naklada Bošković, 2016.)
  • Wend (Naklada Bošković, 2017.)
  • Neizbrojnosti (Biakova, 2017.)

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