ARTPLAY: Best Cafes Where To Satisfy Your Food Cravings In Moscow

ARTPLAY is a creative cluster in Moscow, near Kurskaya railway station. On it’s territory you can find many designer studios, exhibition spaces, shops and even a couple of universities like British Higher School of Design and Moscow Film School. It is loved by locals mostly for the artsy atmosphere and multiple points of interest. One of the highlights of ARTPLAY is many different cafes and restaurants. Here are some of the must visit places that stand out among their neighbours.

1. Fruits&Veges 

Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Ulitsa, 10/12

#fruitsandveges #veganfood #veganmoscow
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One of the most loved cafes of ARTPLAY that serves delicious vegetarian food from fresh ingredients.

From the outside it’s building looks like a booth that instantly makes you think of a tiny spacecraft. But however small it may seem at a first glance, it is actually bigger on the inside (yes, just like Doctor Who’s Tardis). When you go in, you see the steps that lead you deeper underground. Cafe has such an unusual interior because of it original purpose – it used to be an actual bomb shelter.

#fruitsandveges #veganmoscow #veganfood
248 Likes, 1 Comments – Fruits&Veges (@fruitsvegescafe) on Instagram: “#fruitsandveges #veganmoscow #veganfood”

This small vegetarian place is basically what one would call a local DIY project. It’s fully designed and decorated by it’s creators, who even made the wooden tables themselves. Dim lamps and a line of small windows at the top instantly immerse you into cozy, relaxing atmosphere. A perfect place to take a break from stress, eat a falafel, drink smoothie or soy latte, and idly gaze at the rows of potted plants.

Another pleasant surprise are their very affordable prices.

2. Edward’s Pub

Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Ulitsa, 10/9

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It is located in a brick tunnel on the way to British Higher School of Design. Even if you’ve never been there before, the pub’s location can easily be found by the sound of classic rock playing from their outside dynamics right next to the entrance.

Here, just like in other pubs, you can order some good food and watch sports on a big screen with your buddies. But it’s not a usual bar, there is more to it. It becomes obvious as soon as you walk in and see sinfully comfortable leather couches, small table tops covered in tile with arabesque patterns, and dark wooden bookshelves filled with literature classics.The space is relatively small so they often set up a row of tables outside, under the arch of the tunnel. It’s interior was created by the designers of the oldest British plumbing company, Sir Edwards Johns, whose showroom you can find right around the corner.

Prices are pleasantly reasonable and affordable. Considering the overall high-class vintage look of it’s interior, one would expect it to be more expensive than it actually is.

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Also the handsome ginger cat that lives on ARTPLAY’s territory occasionally comes to hang out with customers. It is very gentle, sociable, and likes to be petted.

3. RODNYA Studio

Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Ulitsa, 5/7

Get ready for MEETS! June 9-11 #savethedate
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It has started as a small studio in a former factory building of late 19th – early 20th century, and now this two-storey loft is one of the most popular all-encompassing spaces in Moscow.

From the very beginning RODNYA has been functioning as a space for all kinds of events such as concerts, lectures, exhibitions, private parties. During the day you can enjoy a meal in their cafe and stay for one of their evening movie screenings. After the dusk the place transforms into a night club with techno music and bright neon lights.

It’s creators, all professionals in different cultural fields, often support young artists and help bringing their various creative ideas to life.

Пейнерли – это сытный обед, который подойдет в том числе и вегетарианцам. Ведь в качестве начинки могут использоваться не только мясо, но также сыр и овощи. А в тесто обязательно добавляются отруби, что делает вкусное блюдо еще и полезным! #rodnya #artplay #moscow #food #еда #вкуснаяеда #кафе #артплей #москва #родня #cafe #домашняяеда #винзавод #caferodnya
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Highlights of this place include a beautiful summer terrace, a very decent bar and a good sound system that are appreciated by all it’s visitors.

Truth be told, there are many other places in ARTPLAY’s territory deserving of your attention. So don’t forget to check out this creative cluster when you decide to visit Moscow!

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