Brutal East – Paper Models Of Iron Curtain Brutalist Architecture On Your Table

What better way to play a Eastern European tycoon city than this?

Brutal East / Photo:

Eastern Europe is also known for its Brutalist architecture that was born during the Iron curtain era. Finally some smart people decided to promote and earn on this interesting past, this is why Zupagrafika created the “make-your-own-paper-model” of “brut-iful” architecture that can be found in Warsaw, Katowice, Moscow, ex-Yugoslavia and other ‘Brutal East’ locations.

The creators’ selection captures the “certainly brutal” charm of the “functionalist panelák estates and otherworldly concrete grand designs” of the Eastern Bloc.

With ‘Brutal East’ you can build your own East European city right there on your table. We bet it is brutally fun! More info: Zupagrafika (h/t: DYT)

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