Vladimir Lenin is the real proof that Leonardo DiCaprio has Russian roots?

When your genes just can’t run away from where they came from

Vladimir DiCaprio / by Yaroslav Cohen

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very talented actor, we all know him. But do you wonder how much do you know about him? His full name ‘Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio’ probably would make you think he is German and Italian, but the truth of his roots lies somewhere else… in the far European East.

Leonardo declared himself as actually half-Russian as two of his grandparents were ethnic Russians. His grandmother Helene Indenbirken was a German citizen but she was born as Yelena Smirnova in Russia. Some people on Russian social networks dug out the photos of young Vladimir Lenin and concluded that him and Leonardo look too much alike:

There is a folk saying that male children always take looks of their maternal side and judging by the these comparison photos there might be some truth to it.

Leonardo DiCaprio is sly-eyed, says Communist leader Sergey Malinkovich

Vladimir Lenin and Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest wish to play Russian leaders Putin and Lenin on screen has not gone well with the Russian communist party. So much so that the party’s MP has criticized Leo for having sly eyes that are contrary to the ‘kind’ eyes of Lenin.

Is this the absolute proof that there is some truth in what Leonardo said that he is Half-Russian? Probably yes!

This remarkable resemblance was also recognized by a Russian studio “LenFilm” that gave him a offer to act in a movie in a role of a young revolutionary Ulyanov Lenin. It’s on Leonardo to decide if he will accept the offer.

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