Awesome Slavic Embroidered Things

Everyday and unusal things embrodeired with Slavic embroderies

OpenClipart-Vectors (CC0), Pixabay

Slavic embroideries are the most representative and common thing that connects all Slavs. In the past, embroidery decorated clothes (shirts, vest and trousers), towels (for example rushnyk) and other things. Embroideries also carry symbolism and cryptograms of the ancient world and have been used in sacred Slavic rituals and ceremonial events. Each country and different regions within have its own designs and patterns with hidden meaning, passed down from generation to generation. But nowadays, embroidery is dying due to the modern way of dressing and lives on mostly in ethnographic museums, with folklore groups and on tourist souvenirs.

Today some artists and creators give embroidery a new space and add them to everyday and unusual things, which surround us. This is also a chance for a new niche market and to give  embroidery an opportunity to enrich our modern life in old folk way. Here are photos of interesting things embroidered with Slavic embroidery.

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