Frozen Temple of Socialism Buzludzha in Bulgaria

olafpictures (CC0), Pixabay

Message of today is “Forget The Past”, and that message stands still in the Balkan Mountain range in Bulgaria where a frozen monument to communism stands forgotten in snow, the Buzludzha, this alien like flying saucer secret super-evil-villain lair stands up to amazing 70 meter tall and it took 6000 workers to complete it in 7 years of construction. An adventurer and photographer by the name Timothy Allen took a fast flyby before stepping foot inside the derelict scary dome which was left to ruin in 1989 after the Bulgarian revolution.

Amazing is one word you could describe it as the interior is full of now oddly looking communist mosaic fresco going above the snow-filled hallways. Funny thing is the dome is still owned by the Bulgarian Socialist Party that has no clue what to do with it, but it’s still accessible to anybody brave enough!

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