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Polish Man Diagnosed To Go Completely Blind, Bicycles 700 Kilometers To Croatia To Look At Adriatic Sea For The Last Time

Heartbreaking story of a brave Polish man on a journey to see the beautiful sea sunset for the first and last time in his life…

marijana1 (CC0), Pixabay

An incredible story about the 38-year-old Pole who went on a journey although he can hardly see. His goal was to travel to Croatia, in order to see the Adriatic sea for the first and last time. Right now he can hardly see but he crossed 700 kilometers on a bicycle to see the Adriatic.

His name is Marcin Zarnecki. No one whould have known about him and his story if there was not for a Lukasz Lisowski, also a Pole, who had seen him at the Zagreb Main Station these days. Lukasz was visiting a family living in Croatia and on that same day he returned to Zagreb with a train and saw Marcin going on a dangerous trip with his weakened eyesight reports

Marcin Zarnecki | Photo: Anamarija Tomašković / Facebook

“When you meet Marcin and when you hear how he thinks, when you see his handicap and blindness and that spirit, it’s incredible. It’s really worth the admiration. We asked him, no one ever helped him, and he never asked anyone to help him in his life. This is the first time he came across someone who offered himself to help him, and that was an absolute shock. ” ~ said Anamarija.

At the Main Station in Zagreb, Lukasz saw a man on a bicycle with a Polish flag attached. Lukasz concluded that this was his compatriot and decided to approach him and asked if he needed help. But he could not even imagine what a man on the bike, Marcin Žamiecki, would tell him. Lukasz’s daughter-in-law Anamarija Tomaskovic, then helped Marcin and gave him her apartment to rest and shared his incredible story on Facebook reports

“Marcin is a self-taught bagpipe musician and self-taught paint artist. He lives from invalid pension that is somewhere about only 145 euro in Poland, on a monthly basis. When Lukasz and Anamarija found him he had only 50 euro in his pocket cycling half-blind towards the Adriatic sea.”

“He said that he would soon be blind and that he wanted to see the Adriatic Sea before that happens, because he saw Croatia on YouTube and though that it was gorgeous, he said that he started out on a bike because there was no money for a bus or some other means of transportation.”

Marcin, as Anamarija told to Index that he is suffering from retinopathy. Marcin explained that he was born prematurely and was an incubator, and that this was the cause of everything, and that the doctors treated him wrongly later in life.

“He begged for help with the routes because he realized that he was at the closest point for coming to the sea around Novi Vinodolski and Karlobag. He also found a side road through which he could reach the Plitvice Lakes through Josipdol, which he also very much wants to see” ~ said Anamarija.

Marcin Zarnecki | Photo: Anamarija Tomašković / Facebook

“In the distance I only see the outlines, so I’m going to the side roads.” When I see a traffic sign, I stop near him to see it. “I nearly fell into the field of sunflowers, it struck me,” laughs Marcin.

Anamarija and Alen took him to the Plešivički Wine Road today. Anamarija told us that the owner of the restaurant stopped crying when he heard his story. He honored him with lunch. Indeed, few who can remain immune to Marcin’s story.

“Since childhood, I’ve been playing instruments, I like music because the music has mirrored a true one. I would love to have a concert in Croatia,” says Marcin.

Marcin’s dream begins to be realized as more and more local Croats heard about his story.

Marcin Zarnecki | Photo: Anamarija Tomašković / Facebook

“I would like to see Split and the Diocletian’s Palace, Zadar, Rijeka. I saw this on YouTube and it’s wonderful. I would also like to see Dubrovnik, but it’s very far away,” says Marcin.

Now Marcin has a lot of people looking after him and helping to make his dreams come true, these days he already visited Plitvice Lakes with a help of a tourist agency, he also managed to get to the coast line to see the Adriatic and take a swim and most importantly he already found a lot of new friends and cheered for Croatian football team with the locals.

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