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Where are Slavs on “Cigarette smoking” map of Europe

Once upon a time it was cool to be a Marlboro cowboy, today it’s not

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Cigarette smoking is one of the worst things that happened in Eastern Europe and today it’s a epidemic in our populations. The following map made by Jakub Marian shows European statistics on smoking, but we are interested in the Slavic part here.

Whole study was made by people aged 15 or older and this chart is based on a table that compiles data from various studies and was released in 2007 (so the data may have somewhat changed since then, but I wasn’t able to find a more recent meta-analysis).

Who smokes the most among Slavs:

  • Rank 1 – Serbia – 2924 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 2 – Bulgaria – 2822 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 3 – Russia – 2786 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 4 – Ukraine – 2401 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 5 – Slovenia – 2360 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 6 BiH – 2278 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 7 – Belarus – 2266 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 8 – Montenegro – 2157 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 9 – Czech – 2125 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 10 – Macedonia – 1934 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 11 – Croatia – 1621 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 12 – Poland 1586 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult
  • Rank 13 – Slovakia1403 consumed cigarettes per year by an adult

Considering the fact this study was from 2007 we can hope that actual modern status of Smoking among Slavs is better today. If not our governments will have to make a better effort to battle this epidemic in Eastern European countries.

How do you explain higher among of smoking between west and east Europe?

What do you think?

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Written by Ivan R.

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