Best album cover designs from the Yugoslav and Soviet era in the 1970s

Things were way harrier back then in those glorious times

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Eastern Europe was a really wild back in the 70’s, there were countless pop, rock and folk starts that where popping out of everywhere you’d look. To establish themselves on the market they had to use some good ‘Slav marketing’ i.e. pretty unique album covers. Of course when you look at these covers today you will cringe and laugh but it was a big deal back then. Those were a different times, with different cars, designs, clothing and things were a lot hairier back then.

You never heard for most of these singers, but they didn’t care, they were really big to themselves so you could see one 60 year old riding a satellite and having the “i am on top of the world” attitude. Maybe its best you look at these pieces yourself and learn some proper Slav marketing. h/t:(











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